my salivation

11 Mar

Well. That Wednesday headline yesterday kind of obligates me to have something to say for myself today. Gotta keep things looking fresh and up to date. Yep. Just thinking aloud here. So anyway I’m wearing earplugs. My neighbor is singing again. He sings a lot. His dedication to his art is laudable. Also, loud. In addition to or sometimes instead of singing in a very carrying voice, he plays a disconcerting array of instruments. (Only one at a time, though.) It has occurred to me that maybe I should try to condition myself to think of this noise as a signal to write, when that’s not what I’m already doing. But it would only work if I wore earplugs. Okay, so the signal would tell me it was time to put in earplugs…but once I’m wearing the earplugs all I have to say to the signal is “I can’t hear you! I’m supposed to what?” Oh well, I tried. Now if you’ll excuse me, I do believe it’s time to eat.


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