write what you’d like to read

16 Jun

Like the advice says, I would like to write the kind of novel I’d like to read.  Okay, but I like reading lots and lots and lots of kinds of novels.  I happen to have quite a few of those various kinds of reads in progress right now.  So I guess what I’d really like is to bring to the novel I write none of the scattershot attention with which I read novels.  Oh, and (while I’m at it) to write a novel that *you* (plural) would like to read.


One Response to “write what you’d like to read”

  1. Quixotic June 16, 2010 at 7:29 pm #

    I think the important thing is that you write about what you know, too. I remember reading a fairly popular sci-fi horror type book that was made into a movie. The main character was a detective or something and carried a Glock 17. The author specifically identified the gun as a Glock 17. Many references were made through the book saying that the character would “click off the safety” in dangerous situations. I own a Glock 17. There is no external safety on a Glock 17. The only external safety is built into the trigger so if you add a little pressure, the gun is ready to fire. Nothing to “switch” on or off. This small fact ruined the entire book for me because it just bugged me beyond belief.

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