One Slice

21 Aug

“One slice?” said Al. “How much for one slice?”

Wendy laughed the first time he did it. “You think of the weirdest things!”

But he didn’t stop. Each vegetable seller would hand Al a whole cucumber — “No charge! Take it!” — just to make him go away. His backpack was half-full of free cucumbers.

“Not cool,” said Wendy.

They came to a card table squeezed between a honey stand and the guy who sold toasted nuts. “Leave her alone.”

The woman smiled at Al. “It’s all organic.”

“One slice?”

“Oh, samples? I didn’t bring a knife. Well, help yourself to a bite! Go on!”

Smiling back at her, Al bit into it.

As an afterthought, the woman offered a cucumber to Wendy, who shook her head at the filthy thing.

A man with a clipboard arrived. “I said leave, not move.”

“Okay, fine.” The woman started clearing her table.

“What’s the problem?” Al asked.

“I’m not ‘registered.'”

“To sell cucumbers? Can you believe this dick?” Al’s lips were muddy from the cucumber.

Clipboard Man said, “We do need to know where these things have been. Suppose they give you E. coli.”

“Yeah, just suppose.” Wendy smiled. Clipboard Man was cute.

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