cannibalism & plastic surgery

1 Sep

Twitter: it’s not just for cannibalism anymore.  I’ve also been writing lots of little stories about plastic surgery.  You know what that means!  More veggies! 

It’s September, which means I’ve got two writing projects going: a novel, and 30+ flash fictions for “30 Days of Biking.”  Today I made progress on both projects, despite a total lack of cannibalism and plastic surgery.  (So far.)

Day 1 (1 bike ride) flash stories:

At Point A she’s the pest a tourist will Photoshop from a shot of Nice Ride bikes.  An exterminator van waits at Point B.

My head swells in its helmet.  The bike rider just ahead of me is bareheaded.  There are fractured skulls (ha ha!) tattooed on the backs of his arms.  I smile at them while we wait at the intersection.  When the green light comes, it hits me like kryptonite:  Ouch!  Between triceps and self-righteousness, I’ve got weak spots where a helmet is no help at all.


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