21 Dec

I feel like I’ve been writing up a storm for a while now. No, wait, those were actual storms. Good thing I have a lot of fondness for a lot of snow. And, lately, for a lot of writing. See me blog.

Without officially or exactly participating in NaNoWriMo last month, I did dedicate the month of November to producing a craptacular mass of novel manuscript. With anything longer than flash fiction, I make handwritten revisions on printed (and literally cut and pasted and post-it-ed) drafts, repeating as necessary. (I do try to be ecofriendly about it and print these drafts on the back of previously used paper.) So now I’ve got a binder full of crappy pre-novel to lug around with me, and for now at least that makes me very happy. For one thing, I’ve worked on the first several pages enough to feel that they at least are no longer crap.

And for another thing, writing, like life itself, is the journey, and it is a good feeling to have this binder full of paper to haul around. The extra weight really adds to my sense of accomplishment (as well as the degree of difficulty) every time I walk a mile in deep snow.


Final transmission

17 Dec

My “Programmed Self-destruction” is was the final episode of the first issue of trans lit mag, the new online literary magazine that will change its name with every issue. Isn’t that a cool idea? This issue is transmission.

Edited to add: trans lit mag’s second issue is “transience.” My transient piece has been given shelter here.

Fun fact about this piece: While much mention is made of cable channels, I’ve never actually lived in a home with cable (or satellite). No—not even basic. A TV hooked up to a converter box attached to rabbit ears was good enough for my ancestors, by God, and it’s good enough for me. I know, I know, I’m essentially Amish. Amish with a blog.

Let Me Not Read You a Story

15 Dec

I had a story accepted for the Bound Off podcast a while ago, and the editors asked if I wanted to record it myself or to have someone from Bound Off read it. Well, I really like this story, so I thought it would be nice if the podcast sounded, you know, good. In other words, I wanted somebody else to record it. Well, my story is available today as part of Bound Off Issue 59 (available at Bound Off and on iTunes), and there is no doubt that I made the right call. Dave Robinson makes the story sound GREAT.

The best part is that now whenever someone wearing earbuds is obliviously in my way, I can tell myself they are understandably distracted by the oh so entertaining “Crank Combination Radio Flashlight with Flare Capability.”

Invisible View From Here

5 Nov

My short story “Invisible Charisma” appears in the new issue of The View From Here, available in print and digital editions.


16 Oct

You said I couldn’t go without it for a whol- — a compl- — a month. A day. An hour. But look at yours truly now.

Got books? I do! And I can walk and walk. So that’ll kill a lot of today. And tomorrow. And at night I’ll…just say that insomnia is not my problm.

Wow, I’m looking forward to today’s snail mail. Not that anything coms that way anymor.

It’s important to xtricat 1slf from cybrcultur somtims. This is living lif to th fullst. Or mayb it’s th opposit — mor lik a combination fast and colonic.

Hard to say.

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I’m a killer.

29 Sep

I did it. And I have to stop doing it.

I’ve killed time—so much of it that I can’t even pass it off as an accident. So I’m going to throw the book at myself. First, though, I have to buckle down and write the damn thing.

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Write soon!

22 Sep

Dear Writing Instruments,

How are you? I am fine. I know our last contact was as recent as yesterday, but I miss you already. Let’s get together very soon. We’ll do something special. (I hope you’ve got some ideas!)