“A Decision”

“When will you make a decision?”

Caught fishing for a cigarette, Wanda stumbled on her crutch. “Oh. Amy.”

Scott, holding the other crutch and the elevator door, teased: “You don’t want to work here full-time.”

True. After months of this, Amy no longer wanted the promotion to full-time, but increasingly, she needed it. “Wanda—”

Wanda called to the receptionist: “Anybody’s looking for me, I’ll be back soon.”

Amy was still glowering at the elevator when it opened to let out a small man and a mid-sized boy. “Wanda!”

Amy said, “Oh, she’s just out smoking.”

“She’s what? I’ll kill her!”

She half believed the nasty little man. She could see him shoving Wanda down a handy flight of—oh. Could that possibly be the story behind her broken ankle?

“Where?” He’d stopped shouting. He hadn’t stopped scowling.

Wanda and Scott favored a secluded bench for their smoke breaks. It was difficult to explain how to find the spot, but Amy thought she did a pretty good job.


© 2008 by Shannon Anthony

“A Decision” was originally published in The Binnacle—Fifth Annual Ultra Short Competition issue.



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