stories out there

short stories:

License to Rock in Prime Number Magazine

Crank Combination Radio Flashlight with Flare Capability at Bound Off (podcast)

Invisible Charisma in The View From Here

The Bride Was Radiant in Menda City Review

Manley and the Missing Link appeared at Enchanted Conversation

Keeping it Real appeared in Brink Magazine


short short / flash fiction:

Wishing Well in Foliate Oak

V is for Variety in elimae

The Substance in My System in LITnIMAGE

Soft and Mushy at MicroHorror

Resolved at Tuesday Shorts

Programmed Self-destruction at trans lit mag

On the Way Out in Tattoo Highway

The Next Naked Alien at BluePrintReview

Maintenance Request in Sein und Werden

Half Man, Half Ish in Membra Disjecta

A Glimpse of Their Guns at 971 MENU

Coyote at the Drive-in in why vandalism?

Bottom Drawer in Six Little Things

untitled at escarp

untitled at Thaumatrope

Plungers at PicFic

The Eye of the Beheader in Kaleidotrope (print only)


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