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Q & A or B (& Q & A)

7 Jul

I was pleasantly surprised this week to…recall that I have this blog? Well yeah, that, too. No, I received my contributor’s copies of the long-awaited Coal City Review #30, which is chock-full of goodness and looks great to boot, especially now that the temperature has dropped 35+ degrees and it no longer hurts to look at the cool (actually quite hot, but you know what I mean) wildfire on the cover. Anyway, my flash “Q & A or B” takes up exactly one page of this issue, but it happens to be the first page of the issue. Yes, alphabetical order strikes again.

(Unfortunately, http://coalcityreview.com/ hasn’t been updated for quite a while, so I really don’t know what to tell people who are interested in acquiring a copy of this issue. Actually, I do have one copy to spare for someone who expresses an interest, either in real life or otherwise.)

On the subject of Q & A, I should probably have mentioned before that Prime Number Magazine is awesome enough to include one with every story they publish, so there’s a Q & A accompanying my “License to Rock” from Issue 13. I like the fact that the same questions are asked of each contributor to a PNM issue, so you can see the different ways people responded to the same questions.