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Q & A or B (& Q & A)

7 Jul

I was pleasantly surprised this week to…recall that I have this blog? Well yeah, that, too. No, I received my contributor’s copies of the long-awaited Coal City Review #30, which is chock-full of goodness and looks great to boot, especially now that the temperature has dropped 35+ degrees and it no longer hurts to look at the cool (actually quite hot, but you know what I mean) wildfire on the cover. Anyway, my flash “Q & A or B” takes up exactly one page of this issue, but it happens to be the first page of the issue. Yes, alphabetical order strikes again.

(Unfortunately, http://coalcityreview.com/ hasn’t been updated for quite a while, so I really don’t know what to tell people who are interested in acquiring a copy of this issue. Actually, I do have one copy to spare for someone who expresses an interest, either in real life or otherwise.)

On the subject of Q & A, I should probably have mentioned before that Prime Number Magazine is awesome enough to include one with every story they publish, so there’s a Q & A accompanying my “License to Rock” from Issue 13. I like the fact that the same questions are asked of each contributor to a PNM issue, so you can see the different ways people responded to the same questions.


Rock On (or, License to Blog)

19 Oct

My story “License to Rock” appears in the new Issue 13 of Prime Number Magazine, and I couldn’t be happier about that. OK, that’s a lie. I’d be happier if it was Issue 11, because in that case I could’ve titled this post: “My story goes up to 11.” Huh. That seemed so much better when it was still in my head. So I guess I lied about lying. Apparently I really can’t be happier.

Gotta go…

20 Jul

“The Substance in My System” is part of the LIT in the summer issue of LITnIMAGE. I guess I’d have to describe this particular piece of fiction as stream of consciousness…

Final transmission

17 Dec

My “Programmed Self-destruction” is was the final episode of the first issue of trans lit mag, the new online literary magazine that will change its name with every issue. Isn’t that a cool idea? This issue is transmission.

Edited to add: trans lit mag’s second issue is “transience.” My transient piece has been given shelter here.

Fun fact about this piece: While much mention is made of cable channels, I’ve never actually lived in a home with cable (or satellite). No—not even basic. A TV hooked up to a converter box attached to rabbit ears was good enough for my ancestors, by God, and it’s good enough for me. I know, I know, I’m essentially Amish. Amish with a blog.

Let Me Not Read You a Story

15 Dec

I had a story accepted for the Bound Off podcast a while ago, and the editors asked if I wanted to record it myself or to have someone from Bound Off read it. Well, I really like this story, so I thought it would be nice if the podcast sounded, you know, good. In other words, I wanted somebody else to record it. Well, my story is available today as part of Bound Off Issue 59 (available at Bound Off and on iTunes), and there is no doubt that I made the right call. Dave Robinson makes the story sound GREAT.

The best part is that now whenever someone wearing earbuds is obliviously in my way, I can tell myself they are understandably distracted by the oh so entertaining “Crank Combination Radio Flashlight with Flare Capability.”

Invisible View From Here

5 Nov

My short story “Invisible Charisma” appears in the new issue of The View From Here, available in print and digital editions.

short but not sweet

18 Aug

Two more tweet-length stories published since my last post:

Other tweet-length stories tweeted at http://twitter.com/Shannon_Anthony.

And I don’t know if this is ironic, but now I really feel like reading a really fat novel.